ConnectKirche Erfurt: English Translation

Our Sunday Services

Experience a church where people are excited to see each other,
where we grow our faith in our everyday life,
and where we look to the future without fear.

Important information for our international friends:

We are very happy to tell you that we are now offering a translation online again, so that you can participate in the service from wherever you are. It will take place in the first service at 10 am via Zoom. Be sure to join us, we're happy to have you as part of the church!
Meeting-ID: 910 3746 5143
Kenncode: service

How does Translation work?

Live translation is provided during every Sunday service via a headset that we provide.
Come to the ConnectPoint or speak to anyone wearing a Gastgeber badge to get started this Sunday!

1) Come to the ConnectPoint stand
2) Pick up your headset, and turn on as directed.
3) Return the headset after the service.

NOTE: headphones/earbuds are provided, but feel free to bring your own

About ConnectKirche

Imagine a church where people from Erfurt are connected with each other, with God and with their city.
Imagine a church where people come together and experience a church in which people feel at home, no matter how old, no matter what skin color or background.
Imagine a church where skeptics, Christians, seekers, neighbors, work colleagues, and strangers are connected and where real, meaningful friendships are formed.
Imagine a church where questions about God, faith and the Bible are not only allowed, but welcomed.
Imagine a church in which a space is created to meet the God of the Bible in the form of modern music and exciting, applicable sermons.
Imagine a church that really makes a difference by meeting the need of the community, because Erfurt is worth it.

This is our church: ConnectKirche Erfurt.
Get to know us! Connect with us!